The Butterfly Project

The Butterfly Project



commissioned for SOfa Fest 1 August 2020


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The Butterfly Project was a creative community engagement project for people across East Lindsey to engage with during the Coronavirus pandemic & lockdown in the run up to this year’s online SOfa Fest on Saturday 1 August 2020. We asked people across the district and beyond to design & send in their butterflies which then became part of a specially created short animation by digital genius and video artist Barret Hodgson.

The project is about being a small part of something big, something special that celebrates creativity, community, beauty, freedom and self-expression. It reflects the idea of being trapped and eventually released, of going from caterpillar to butterfly and also represents the idea of the ‘Butterfly Effect’ – one small action here can lead to a much bigger impact elsewhere. The Butterfly Project was devised & delivered by the Different Light Collective, the guys behind Spilsby Light Night.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who got involved and sent in their butterflies. We had more than 100 in the end and from all over East Lindsey & Lincolnshire and they are all amazing – so colourful, so clever and so original! We’d also like to thank the SO Festival Team and everyone at Magna Vitae along with the Passage Festival and of course Arts Council England.

We hope you like the finished film – we love how it shows all the butterfly images from individual members of the community gradually coming together to form one giant butterfly – a creative and beautiful expression and demonstration of how we really are all in this together and of how when we all work together we’re stronger and can achieve more : )


Below is a second version of the film taken from our overnight Projection Tour! Knitted together from projecting the film onto various places around East Lindsey including St James’ Church Louth, Alford Manor House, Spilsby Sessions House, Skegness Clock Tower, Mablethorpe Beach and beach huts in Mablethorpe and Chapel. Huge thanks to Andy Johnson Smith for the editing on this.

The Butterfly Project was commissioned by SOfa Fest 2020, part of SO Festival which is supported by Arts Council England, East Lindsey District Council, Passage Festival, Helsingør Teater and Without Walls