The Different Light Collective was delighted to be commissioned by the SO Festival & Magna Vitae to create a brand new artwork for the recent SOfa Fest that was held online in August 2020. Our concept, called The Butterfly Project, involved getting as many local people as possible to design and create their own butterflies which were then animated digitally into a short film by the brilliant video artist Barret Hodgson.
More than 100 people from across East Lindsey and Lincolnshire took part, using all kinds of materials (we even received one made out of wood!)  and the resulting film, called The Fluttering was released online on 1st August. The Different Light Team also took a version of the film out overnight and projected it onto well known sites across the district. A film showing a combination of these moments, alongside the original film, can be seen on the Butterfly page of this website. The Different Light Team would like to say massive thank you to everyone who got involved in the Butterfly Project and to those who allowed us to project the film onto their beautiful buildings!