The Different Light Collective is a small team of producers, technicians and artists working in and around Lincolnshire that is committed to staging events and activities that engage local communities and allow individuals, their friends and families and the wider public to see the place where they live in a different light.

The Collective works with communities, artists, schools, groups, businesses, churches and councils to create special events & projects of different shapes and sizes that amaze and inspire but also get people talking to each other.

The Collective is facilitated by The Sessions House CIC (10518888) and is based at Spilsby Sessions House, Church Street, Spilsby, Lincolnshire PE23 5DY. 



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Simon Hollingworth

Simon Hollingworth - Creative Producer

Simon (also known as Mr Holly) is a freelance Producer who has been based in Lincolnshire working across the arts sector for more than 30 years. From 2004 to 2015 he was the Director of Lincoln Drill Hall, at the time a brand new arts centre for the city & county. Since 2015 he has worked with a wide variety of festivals & events across the region including Frequency Festival, Transported, Peterborough Presents, The Mighty Creatives and Imagineer ProductionsBridge Project and has also been a key member of the Creative Team for the Gravity Fields Festival in Grantham and Stamford’s biennial Georgian Festival. Simon works closely with Andy Johnson-Smith and Bruce Knight on Spilsby Light Night and an increasingly wide range of other Different Light projects, all of which use light and technology to engage communities and bring people together.

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Andy Johnson-Smith - Creative Technician

Andy Johnson-Smith is a freelance technician who has worked in professional theatre for over 30 years, both in regional venues and on national touring circuits. He has provided technical support to arts venues since the 1990’s and in 2000 took up the challenge of becoming the technical manager at the South Holland Centre, Spalding, where he serviced a vast number of community and amateur productions, touring theatre and music shows, as well as 35mm and digital cinema. He left in 2015 to concentrate on his own technical theatre supply company, Popcorn Media, which he set up in 2011, with the aim of supplying technical equipment and services, specialising in digital projection for theatre. Andy has always had a passion for lighting design and is thrilled to be working with Simon & Bruce on a wide variety of arts based projects throughout Lincolnshire.

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Bruce Knight - Producer / Co-ordinator

Bruce Knight is a Director of The Sessions House CIC in Spilsby, Lincolnshire. He takes care of the administration of Different Light projects and assists with producing. Bruce worked in photography, film and TV in London before beginning a career in the performing arts. Since 2002 he has worked as a performer, director, producer and venue manager. As a key collaborative artist with the company Copperdollar Bruce worked for several years on outdoor arts events around the UK including large scale immersive theatre work for Glastonbury Festival. He is the current production co-ordinator for the SO Festival Community Stage and Activity Zone and, in his role with the Different Light Collective, enjoys bringing the community together through Spilsby’s Light Night and an increasingly wide range of other community-focused projects.

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Lumo Workshop

Lumo Workshop - Associate Artists

Evolving from an enduring alliance between theatre designer Louise Jones and artist Nadya Monfrinoli, Lumo Workshop is an artist-led organisation that delivers vibrant sculptural work which is site-responsive and site-specific, often in collaboration with members of the wider community. In a quest to bring engaging art to its audiences and to encourage participation in the arts for all, they are used to the challenges of making work for non-gallery and outdoor spaces in the public realm and have extensive experience of delivering projects with other professional organisations and community groups nationally, internationally and across disciplines including public art, theatre, fashion, carnival, television, museums, events, education and community arts.

You can find more at lumoworkshop.com

william lindley

William Lindley - Associate Artist

William is a freelance artist who is an associate artist with Different Light and worked on both Spilsby Light Nights in 2019 & 2020. His primary focus is around exploring the transformation of place and landscape. His practice spans works on paper, objects, moving image and installation and is presented in various settings including galleries, concert halls, theatres, museums and historic buildings.
His work draws upon a wide range of sources and inspirations to create works incorporating drawing, intaglio printmaking, photography, film, projection and installation, interweaving traditional techniques with contemporary processes.
He works as an individual and in community and collaborative settings, sometimes incorporating workshops and participation into the development of his work. He also collaborates with other artists and makers, and has recently been working with musicians to incorporate moving image into performance.

Dave Cranmer

Dave Cranmer - Associate Artist

Dave is a Lincolnshire based artist who makes an astonishing range of electro-mechanical machines and sculptures for a huge range of clients. His background is a mixture of engineering, art, product design and special effects and he created the ‘Marvellous Mechanical Musical Machine’ that toured East Lindsey as part of the Festive Fabuloso project and which will hopefully be visiting a number of other places during 2022 and beyond. We hope to be working with Dave again before too long… Check out his website www.nervoussquirrel.com

Emilie Nunn - Assistant Producer

Emilie is an aspiring Creative Producer who in recent years has worked on a variety of arts based community festivals & projects within Lincolnshire including Frequency Festival 2019 & 2021 and Wulfram 20/21.

Emilie’s past and current experience of being a social documentary photographer since graduating from The University of Lincoln with a first class honours degree in Photography in 2017, has led her into Creative Producing. Her past projects have included The Imagineers Community Bridge project and Grantham’s first Arts Trail in 2019.