The Different Light Collective, the organisers of the Spilsby Light Night, the second one of which took place on Saturday 7 March 2020, would like to thank everyone who took part and especially everyone who came along and supported it. The numbers attending the event were amazing and estimated to be in the region of around 2000 over the course of the evening.

The community parade was particularly well attended with the centre of town at its busiest between around 6.30pm and 8pm. Highlights proved to be the Celestial Sound Cloud by Pif-Paf Theatre inside St James’ Church, the video projections by Barret Hodgson with live DJ on the front of Spilsby Sessions House, the VR headsets by Leicester-based MBD at the New Life Church, the Illumaphonium by the statue of Sir John Franklin, the incredible digital dance performance by Tom Dale Company inside Franklin Hall and the parade itself which looked fantastic.

Simon Hollingworth, Creative Producer of the event said We were absolutely delighted with how the event went overall and with the feedback we received in general. We certainly didn’t get everything right and we know some shops and cafes were a bit unhappy with the road & car park closures, but it’s only our second event and we are learning each time we do one, so hopefully people will stay with us and we can work towards more and exciting things in the future.”

The Light Night Team are holding an open feedback event at the White Hart on Wednesday 25 March from 5pm to which everyone and anyone is welcome to come along.